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SwimmingintheMoon pb cNaples, 1904. Servants in a magnificent seaside villa, Lucia and her very young mother, Teresa, must escape to America, landing in Cleveland after Teresa’s volatile temper puts them in danger. Teresa’s voice, tender and passionate as her moods, brings her a respite on the vaudeville stage before her demons plunge them into turmoil. Lucia struggles to balance her mother’s vast needs with her own growing call to join the workers’ desperate fight for justice.

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When We Were Strangers by Pamela Schoenewaldt

When you are sewing a new life, not all the seams are straight ones.

“If you leave Opi, you’ll die with strangers,” Irma Vitale’s mother always warned. But Irma is too poor and too plain to marry and can’t find honest work in her tiny mountain village in Southern Italy. Barely twenty, bearing only native wit and astonishing skill with a needle, she risks rough passage across the Atlantic. Now Irma must nurture a talent she never imagined and an unlikely family, patched together by the common threads that unite us all.

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Pamela Schoenewaldt

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Swimming in the Moon runner-up for the Langum Prize in American Historical Fiction.

Saturday, February 28, 2015. Workshop on creating better dialogue for the Knoxville Writers Guild

May 5, 2015: release of Under the Same Blue Sky. World War 1, magic realism, shell shock, Pittsburgh & pastries.

Recent Review
"A testament to the love and enduring bond between mothers and daughters, childhood friendships and adopted family, Swimming in the Moon is a must read for anyone who enjoys beautiful, richly drawn characters and a historical setting so realistic one would believe they had been transported into another time. A glorious, unforgettable novel. A+" Pittsburgh Examiner

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